I am also a company owner and have been in this position since 1997. Issues like company business development, marketing and sales strategies, and global market penetration have been part of my agenda throughout this time. I have found a solution for my company which markets and target customers I shall focus on and what can be outsourced to pre-qualified service providers in order to make a company function in more efficient ways and grow profitably and fast. We are in the same "shoes" as they say. Therefore, I am offering my knowledge to be shared with you at this very moment. By having a trusted advisor who looks at your company's situation from a different angle than you see it can improve your company's profitability by targeting the best possible target markets. I would like to point out that I do not only provide advice and consulting. My team has proven to be effective at delivering sales revenue in several markets simultaneously, and we can do it faster than any other company.

We have positive feedback from many company owners just like you. See the Video references section.

I do encourage you to send me the description of your current challenge regarding an under-performing sales team/sales strategy/global markets or any other sales or sales-strategy-related issue to my email: j.siklis@techsalesglobal.com or give me a call at +37129207407 and let's discuss how I can be of help to your company instantly.


Being the CEO of a tech company is a very challenging task, especially managing a tech sales team if you are not a sales professional yourself. My belief is that everyone should focus on their area of expertise and delegate responsibility to a trusted partner-executive/manager/consultant when it comes to areas in which you might not be an expert.

I offer CEOs practical and tailor made advice on your company's most urgent sales challenges. I can work with you as a partner who provides a sales strategy outline, be it local or global. It is also possible to have weekly online sales process steering meetings for your sales team with your participation. There are various options and cooperation models that can be agreed upon. The bottom line is that I can be your supporter, advisor and colleague in order to help your sales grow on a global basis and assist your sales professionals with defining a sales strategy and executing it partly or 100%. Full sales process outsourcing is also possible. My TSG global sales team and I are at your service: j.siklis@techsalesglobal.com or +37129207407


If your company is in need of new sales strategies that will ensure faster access to global markets and you have also considered outsourcing sales for targeting certain markets fast, you have a great supporter in Janis Siklis, who can solve some of the key problems of your tech-sales-strategy-related problems as fast as practically possible.

In order to review your sales strategy and its implementation process and in order to provide a bespoke solution, you need to take the first step by contacting us at j.siklis@techsalesglobal.com or by calling me directly at +37129207407


If you are a Business Angel or represent a VC firm, before making an investment you always have a serious challenge and of course the risk of investment is always present.

As a Business Angel or VC, there is usually a very high level of initial optimism involved regarding the sales capability of the existing sales team. Therefore, the sales strategy that Janis Siklis can provide enables you to have a sales professional working with your best interests in mind in order to ensure that you will not lose your money if the investment has already been made. Alternatively, Janis Siklis can work as an advisor for you or your fund as a member of the management board with the clear responsibility of boosting sales. By having a proven marketing and sales process that has been fine tuned since 1997 in my own company Baltic Sales Agency, you have more chances to succeed with your investments and global teams. I can ensure in practice that your portfolio companies generate sales revenue at such a level that the company you have invested in can deliver the expected returns. Therefore, I offer my advice and support for all kinds of investors.

Let's work together for your benefit: j.siklis@techsalesglobal.com or call me directly at +37129207407