No matter who you are, you can benefit from our services. Perhaps you are an established manufacturing company owner who has declining sales, or, quite the opposite, your sales revenue is growing in a few markets and you are motivated to penetrate new export markets globally. You might be a startup founder that has a product/technology/app/solution and you are also looking for fast growth for your company or you are investor that is considering a great new investment opportunity but still not sure if the existing sales team will deliver the expected return on your investment or in the worst case might lose your money…

There are lots of different situations that you, as a visitor to my website, are facing currently. Therefore, by being involved in technical niche products, services and solution sales for almost 27 years, I consider it a privilege to share my experience, knowledge and wisdom to all business people who really are in need of it right now. By doing so, I will definitely make a big impact on many businesses' success globally and on those who use even one of my thoughts, recommendations, strategies or ideas for the development of their business and for the benefit of people you work with. You will definitely be more successful, wealthier and happier than before you knew about Janis Siklis, Tech Sales Global, and our ability to support you globally.


I am proud to be Latvian and I was born in Latvia in 1970 in the town of Liepaja, which is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea. I graduated from Riga Technical University in 1993, and I was the first engineer to be employed by ABB in Latvia.

What is most important is that I have always had a clear strategy on how to achieve desired results. I can say that I have constantly been at the right place at the right time, but, most importantly, I have had the opportunity and ability to influence other people's important decisions that have been in line with the results or goals that I wanted to achieve. The bottom line here is that since I established my own company, Baltic Sales Agency, in 1997,I have managed to deliver for BSA and my customers orders with a total value of more than 26.4 million EUR. In total, I have worked with 43 companies as BSA customers and many more during the partnership negotiations stage. More information about the impact I have personally made in the past for General Electric Harris, Bauer Group, New Eco Tec GmbH, Lifa Air, Reime Jarlso, Latvijas Energo Celtnieks (LEC), Ventspils Nafta and other well known global companies can be found at the BSA website:

Currently I work with 8 Finnish companies who are targeting the Baltic States markets. The website for this project can be found at This project is funded by the Finnish state and clearly demonstrates that the Finnish government and 8 participating Finnish companies benefit from my knowledge and the ability of my team to significantly increase their market share.

In the section Video references, you will find more videos on the results I have helped to achieve for my partners and customers.

Therefore, I am happy that you found us, and I would like to invite you to work together with me for the benefit of your business right now. There are several cooperation options for you to find on this website depending on where you are now with your company development or potential investment opportunity. I see my mission now to serve as your trusted advisor for your sales strategy and its implementation. Therefore, I do encourage you to explore my offer for you in more detail.

I welcome your partnership and am looking forward to hearing about your current sales issues and sales strategy challenges, so that I can propose the best solution for you based on my personal sales and business development experience acquired over the years.

I know that I am able to sell anything technical to any target customer and I have done so in the Energy, Environment, Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Green Energy, Forestry, and Chemistry sectors during the years and I have been fortunate enough to reach top decision makers and to influence them to sign contracts with me or the companies that I promote or represent.

Yes, you can also do this if you are persistent enough and listen to my advice.


As you all know, time is precious and in your search for different sales strategists, I would like to encourage you not to look any further. You have found a sales professional and the most dedicated person for you in Janis Siklis.

If you have found this site and have heard my name before, that means you are half way to the next important milestone of your business and subsequently your life. The rest we can achieve together.

I have developed a tool for the benefit of manufacturers, business developers and investors that will enable you to achieve your sales, business development and investment goals much faster and to do it on a global scale with guaranteed success. You can learn how to become part of the Tech Sales Global ecosystem by visiting the section TSG web platform.

I could have done more things in my life much faster but I was missing a person –a skilled businessman whom I could trust and who could provide me with advice and guidance at that particular moment of my business life. I did not find such a person at the time so I had to learn everything on my own in the process of building my own business, but the good news for you is that I am now willing to share my knowledge and ensure that your business develops as fast as possible on a global scale. Together we can do it. To move ahead with your project/sales/question/challenge/investment, send me a one-page description of your sales or sales-strategy-related problem that you wish to solve to my email:

I will respond with my proposal on how to proceed further with your case within 24 hours.