TSG team is currently working on the 1st issue of Tech Sales Global magazine dedicated to business owners, business developers and tech investors with global growth plans and especially for those who are motivated to do this fast.

Chief Editor of this magazine is Janis Siklis. His sales strategies and global tech sales experience will be a long term asset for all global readers of TSG magazine.

If you are interested to co-invest in the TSG magazine, we look forward to hear from you:
j.siklis@techsalesglobal.com or call Janis Siklis directly at: +37129207407


Tech Sales Global is currently developing a web platform that will be dedicated for the further increase of global tech sales for manufacturers, business developers and investors.

The project pitch can be found here.

If you are interested in co-investing in the TSG web platform, we look forward to hearing from you:
j.siklis@techsalesglobal.com or call Janis Siklis directly at +37129207407


In this section, Janis Siklis will provide video training sessions for subscribers. You will be able to access valuable content for development of your sales strategy for global tech markets. There will be two optional subscriber packages available. Register and we will inform you shortly about these training packages: strategy@techsalesglobal.com