In order to rapidly grow your sales in export markets globally, you preferably need one professional partner or trusted company that does the most difficult job of opening the right doors for you and ensuring fast revenue generation. Janis Siklis has been in the outsourced marketing and sales business since 1997 after securing his first project, a 7 million USD contract for General Electric Harris in Latvia. Since then he has secured contracts for his customers in excess of 26.4 million EUR in total. More info on Janis Siklis and his team's achievements can be read here:

Also, we have been prequalified by the Finnish government to promote Finnish tech companies in the Baltic States, and we have also been funded partly by Finnish companies and partly by the Finnish government. More about our success here:

In short we can take your sales to the next level and do it fast. If you want to know how we can do this for you, contact us.

Marketing and Sales outsourcing

If you have a product, service or app that needs to be sold in several markets in order to gain traction globally, TSG has a solution to do it fast in several markets in the simultaneously. Based on the personal experience of Janis Siklis, when focusing on the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia target markets, it has been possible to acquire new customers fast.

Solutions for fast target market penetration are TSG's expertise and we can deliver sales revenue as fast as practically possible. Our system can also be put to work for your company.

Fast market penetration solutions

Janis Siklis provides bespoke consultation on sales strategies and their implementation in global tech markets. The key reasons and secrets why I have been so successful in 8 different industries and have been able to sell different technical niche products is rather simple-I am able to outsell any competition. That is why the bespoke consulting that I offer will deliver growing sales revenue for your company as well. Together we are also able to outsell your competition in your business sector in your country.


If you are the organizer of a sales-related seminar or conference where the key topics are about global tech market penetration and discussions related to practical sales strategies used by Janis Siklis, please let me know. I am interested in sharing the approaches and strategies I have used in order to outsell my competition in different markets across Europe. These are strategies that can work for everyone with the right approach but in fact are different and tailor made to each case.


Janis Siklis offers bespoke coaching to dedicated sales teams that are tasked to sell tech-related products and solutions globally.

To initiate sales outside of the local market is quite a challenge. Therefore, Janis Siklis's knowledge as a global sales strategist and his dedicated coaching process can help you to achieve more in your sales career. Do not hesitate to let me know more about your current sales challenges.


Janis Siklis's ability to deliver sales revenue for each customer is possible because of his ability to establish lasting relationships and his communication skills (establish first contact, create interest in the product, involve all decision makers and achieve positive feedback and subsequently sign the contract) at all levels. Janis Siklis provides special training for sales teams of tech companies on Key Account Management-how to enter the right doors and influence decision makers at all levels so that sales contracts are signed with your company.

Sales training

Janis Siklis and the TSG team will create a sales strategy for key target market penetration and will also support your company with its fast implementation. The proven marketing and sales team of TSG is able to initiate sales revenue for your company if your product, solution or app has competitive advantages and serves customers in certain niches.

Sales strategy implementation