Success stories

Success stories

Below are the companies that have used Janis Siklis's unique sales skills since 1992 and as a result have increased their sales by 26.4 million EUR.


1. ABB (Latvia)

I worked as a sales executive for ABB Latvia from 1992 till 1997. During my career at ABB, I secured electrical equipment (switchgear and substations) sales contracts of a total value exceeding 17 million USD. I also gained the largest market share for ABB Latvia in switchgear and substation sales in Latvia.

General Electric

2. General Electric Harris (US)

I succeeded in outselling my previous employer ABB and I secured a 7 million USD control system (SCADA) contract for General Electric in 2002 in Latvia.
This was the first successful project for my newly established company Baltic Sales Agency (previous name-Cirrus SIA).

Reime Jarlso

3. Reime Jarlso (Norway)

I secured the first contract for a Norwegian company with the total value of 6 million USD in 1996. Two more contracts valued at 14 million USD were awarded to Reime Jarlso afterwards, based on my initial sales work.

Pergo Māja

4. Pergo Māja (Latvia)

I secured a 1.05 millionEUR contract for Pergo Māja for the construction of 4 individual houses in Latvia.

Lifa Air Oy

5. Lifa Air Oy (Finland)

I developed and implemented a sales strategy that enabled an increase in sales revenue and the acquisition of more customers for the Finnish company LIFA Air Oy in France, Germany and Austria.

Clewer Europe Oy

6. Clewer Europe Oy (Finland)

I found potential prospects for Clewer Europe Oy in France and arranged meetings with buyers in 2011. I found a French company that intended to buy a manufacturing license from Clewer Europe Oy.

Doranova Oy

7. Doranova Oy (Finland)

I found buyers for Doranova Oy in Latvia and developed a market penetration strategy for Doranova Oy in 2010.


8. HIDORA JSC (Lithuania)

I developed a customer acquisition strategy for the Lithuanian company Hidora JSC in 2010 in Latvia and prepared a customer database of 21 sector companies.

Suomen AMT Oy

9. Suomen AMT Oy (Finland)

I developed the database of Key Accounts for Suomen AMT Oy (Finland), prepared market research and supported this company by arranging meetings in Latvia with key potential partners.

Clean Earth Technology

10. Clean Earth Technology (US)

In 2010 I identified the need of Venstpils Nafta Terminal (Latvia) to research the possibilities of remediation of polluted soil/ cleanup of ground water and organized DEMO of Clean Earth Technology ground water remediation equipment at -14 degrees Celsius in Ventspils, Latvia.

Finnish Steel Painting

11. Finnish Steel Painting (Finland)

In 2013 I prepared market research of the Norwegian market for Finnish Steel Painting, identified all key accounts and provided contact details for further the work of FSP. I advised FSP on a Norwegian market penetration strategy and business culture in Norway. I initiated a successful business for FSP in Norway.

Valopaa Oy

12. Valopaa Oy (Finland)

In 2014 I advised Valopaa Oy on a French market penetration strategy, created a database of potential prospects and arranged meetings in France. Shortly after my and Valopaa Oy representative's visit, the first dealer contract was signed with Valopaa Oy.

New Eco Tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

13. New Eco Tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (Germany)

As of March 2015, Janis Siklis has secured two contracts for NET valued at 0.8 million EUR. Four more orders are now in the pipeline for this industrial drier manufacturer.

Viexpo Oy

14. Viexpo Oy (Finland)

Janis Siklis has secured two long-term contracts with Finnish government funding. The Viexpo and Baltic Sales Agency cooperation project is dedicated to promoting Finnish manufacturers and exporters in the Baltic countries. Janis Siklis's sales strategies are developed individually for each Finnish manufacturer to help to win new business in the Baltics and establish long-term manufacturer/dealer relationships.

Valtavalo Oy

15. Valtavalo Oy (Finland)

Janis Siklis identified potential prospects for this Finnish LED tube manufacturer in France and found a buyer - the French company Soitec that was interested in buying 20 000 LED tubes made in Finland.

Desinfinator Oy

16. Desinfinator Oy (Finland)

Janis Siklis identified potential prospects for this company in France and arranged meetings with the two most suitable candidates in Paris. Janis Siklis also provided follow-up services for both partners for one year.


17. Aerofin (US)

Janis Siklis provided market research of power plants in the UK for the American company Aerofin.
In addition to that, he also provided a contact database of all CEOs and technical staff's direct contact numbers for further project implementation. Obtaining all the contact information was the biggest project challenge.


18. Kone-Ketonen Oy, Logman Oy, Mavitek Tiekoneet Oy, Agromaster Oy, Farmtools Oy, Finn-Elox Oy, Findoor Oy, Ala Talkkari Oy (Finland)

Janis Siklis has secured 8 contracts with the CEOs of the above manufacturing companies and has achieved tangible sales results for these companies in the Baltic States. More detailed information on this project: